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Welcome to a trip to the heart of the United States, to the vibrant capital city of Washington, D.C. This unique city is not only a political center, but also a treasure chest full of history, culture and secrets waiting to be discovered.

In this book, we invite you to explore the fascinating secrets of the capital, from the iconic monuments and buildings to the lesser-known but equally impressive places and activities that Washington, D.C. has to offer.

Let's start with the White House, the most famous residence in the United States, and the Capitol, the seat of Congress, where the laws of the land are created. The National Mall stretches as a green oasis of history, offering breathtaking views of monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial.

The Smithsonian Institution, the largest museum complex in the world, is home to treasures from culture and science. Washington, D.C. also boasts a thriving arts scene, from galleries to theaters on U Street. Georgetown enchants with its history, shopping and culinary delights. The National Library is a treasure trove of knowledge, and the city prides itself on its culinary diversity, from food trucks to gourmet restaurants.

The history of the Civil War and family activities at museums and events are other highlights. The Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery are important symbols of American defense and honor.

Washington, D.C. Travel Guide *Secrets of the Capital * USA eBook

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