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takes you on a fascinating journey through the rich history and breathtaking nature of Alaska. This
one-of-a-kind tour combination allows you to explore the different facets of Alaska that are intimately connected to the state's past and present.
Start your journey in the skies of Alaska, on planes that traverse the polar air. This state, which
stretches far to the north, offers a unique opportunity to admire the majestic glaciers, endless tundra
and snow-capped mountains from a bird's eye view. You'll experience the sublime beauty of Alaska
as you walk in the footsteps of brave pioneers and adventurers who once explored the polar region.
The trip will also take you along the historic fur trade routes that were once frequented by explorers
and fur traders. These routes tell of a time when the fur trade played a significant economic role in
Alaska. You will have the opportunity to hear stories about the encounters between natives and fur
traders and follow the traces of this important historical connection. The highlight of your trip will
take you to the realm of fishing. Alaska is known worldwide for its rich fishing history and the
pristine waters it is home to. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions of
fishing, whether through salmon fishing in crystal-clear rivers or meeting fishing families that have
populated the Alaskan coasts for generations. Experience the richness of the oceans and the
importance of fishing to Alaska's culture and economy.
"Alaska Journey: On the Polar Air, Fur Trade Route and in the Realm of Fishing" is an
unforgettable journey that combines history and nature. You will have the unique opportunity to
experience Alaska's past and present while enjoying the stunning scenery and warm hospitality of
this unique state.

Alaska Travel Guide : On the Polar Air * USA eBook

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